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coin master free spins
coin master free spins



Change everything you thought you knew about event rewards cause Boosters are here to provide an even more thrilling experience!  A Booster is a reward where unlike collecting coins and spins, you are granted an event such as Village Master, Bet Blast, Set Blast, and more! 

A Booster can be granted from an event mission or when purchasing a package. Keep in mind that these events will only be live for a limited time.  Each Booster will have its own timer and once you are granted the Booster, the timer will automatically start

Also keep in mind that the same Booster event cannot be stacked. Therefore, when you purchase or win a Booster event, it is ideal to wait until it is used up before collecting the next one.

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Reward Calendar

The Rewards Calendar is one of our awesome daily rewards that you can get when logging into the game, once you have reached village 11. 

The Rewards Calendar is divided into two parts: on the top of the calendar there is a 30-day progress bar with different rewards along the way, where day 30 holds a grand prize. Below, there are seven rewards, you can collect one of these rewards every 24 hours while also adding a point to the progress bar above.

If you miss a day you will be set back to day 1 for the daily reward but rest assured that the 30-day progress bar will not be affected.

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